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Working Group Breed Overview

If you want a dog to perform such jobs as guarding your property, performing water rescues, pulling sleds you will need to consider dogs in the working group.  The group comprises of over 50 different breed i.e. Doberman Pinscher, Alaskan Malamute, Bernese Mountain Dog, Giant Schnauzer, Newfoundland, Great Dane to name of few.

Huskys working

Huskys working

They are intelligent, quick to learn and have been aiding humans in many walks of life.  Without a doubt the Working Group consists of some of the most heroic canines in the world i.e. war dogs, sea and mountain rescues etc.

With such a variation of breeds within this group their function in life differs considerably; they can work as guard-dogs (in the past they even have been used as fighting dogs), as rescue dogs (sea and land) or they can herd cattle or get involved in heavy haulage work.

However, nowadays many of the dogs are used for exhibition purposes and as companions rather than work as was originally intended.  Careful handling and training is a must due to their considerable strength and size.  They are powerful in every way so it is of the utmost importance that they know who is their boss and therefore might not be suitable as pets for average families.


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Claudie on March 16th 2010 in Working Dogs