ClaudieMy name is Claudie and I have owned dogs for most of my life. Some mongrols as well as some pedigrees dogs i.e. 2 German Shepherds, 1 Spaniel, 2 Border Collies .  My last three dogs were Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers (Toller in short), sadly one Toller died of heart disease .

Over the years I have observed them and learnt that whilst each dog has his/her own personality they all have certain breed characteristics and inbuilt behaviours which have evolved from their ancestor the Grey Wolf over thousands of years of interations with humans.

This has encouraged me to study dog behaviour and psychologie at college and passed an HNC in Canine Behaviour and Training a few years ago.  The certificate is only the beginning as this is an on-going subject.

Over the months I will post various articles on dog breeds characteristics, food tips, training tips etc, various information which, I hope, will help you find and raise your perfect companion.

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Claudie on October 24th 2009

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