Why do dogs hide their bones under the ground

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Burying bones, like barking and chewing is a common behavior of dogs. In movies, in cartoons and in children’s books dogs are always depicted as bone-burying animals. Dog owners are also exposed to the inclination of the pets to bury bones.

A dog that has a bone on its mouth will have a sneaky look while looking for a the best spot to hide the bone. Once found, the dog would frantically dig – carefully lay the bone on the hole and then cover it with dirt and soil. Do you know why your dog is burying bones Does your pet know why it is hiding the bones? Dog experts believe that dogs don’t really know why they bury bones as this is done instinctively by canines to survive.

Dog experts believe that almost all of the behaviors and habits of modern day dogs are deeply rooted from their past. Dogs bury bones to survive thus this habit is as old as the dog’s existence. Dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years but these animals have been in existence for millions of years. Primitive dogs have lived harsh lives in the wild and the habit of burying foods has been a great help to survive. The ancestors of modern day dogs have had difficult lives. Dogs in the wild constantly need to be on the lookout for predators and to safeguard their food from other animals that would want to have a share of the prey.

We humans make sure that the pantry is fully stocked. Squirrels work long hours to fill their coffers with acorns and nuts. Ants are acclaimed for being industrious as they make it a point to fill their anthill with food. Dogs are hoarders too. In the wild, dogs would not know when the next meal would be. A dog that has been lucky in finding a large prey that cannot be consumed in one sitting would have to hide the food from other animals. What was hidden will be uncovered when hunting is nil. The dog will unerringly find the buried prey although it is possible that what will remain are the marrow-rich bones.

Dogs nowadays don’t go hungry. Dogs need not bury bones to survive but they do because it is an instinctive behavior. Dogs still have the inclination to hide not only bones but other food as well. Dog owners would just be surprised to find treats and bits of food hidden on the dog’s bed. Because digging and burying bones and other food is instinctive in dogs, pet owners just have to take in stride the inclination of the pet to rearrange the garden to bury its “treasures”.

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robbie on July 19th 2011 in Dog Ownership, Dog behavior, training Tips

Several Pet Grooming Suggestions

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If you care for you house animal, you should perform regular pet grooming. Dogs, cats and even rabbits need pet grooming, no matter if it is about nail clippings, de-matting and hair combing. Grooming also refers to regular washing and fur cleaning to eliminate parasites such as flees and ticks. Pet grooming makes your pet’s coat shiny and healthy, and these make the right premises for perfect skin health.

Many dog owners say that pet grooming makes an excellent opportunity to bond with the animal. It is that part of the regular routine that leaves room for more affection and attention on both sides. Don’t pull the animal’s hair or cause it any pain because it will remember, and come to resent the grooming part. Pet grooming needs to be comfortable and pleasant for your pet. For hairy breeds, pet grooming takes a lot of time, which is why many dog owners take their pets to professional service providers to cover for such tasks.

On such occasions hair cutting and nail clipping are also performed. The eyes and the ears also require great care because the cleaning part has to be safe and non-invasive for the animal. There are serious consequences on dog behavior deriving from incorrect pet grooming: the animal could become agitated and nervous, it could bark, mew, scratch and bite. Such incidents occur not because you have a poorly trained pet, but because you’ve made some serious mistakes with pet grooming. If you cut the skin when nail clipping, the animal will associate such a procedure with pain, and it will refuse to stand still the next time you get to this part of pet grooming.

There are very many products that you can use to make pet grooming easy and pleasant for example the dog grooming tables and also the veterinary medical equipment for your pet’s health care. It is highly important to make time for such tasks regularly because your pet’s health depends on them. A well-groomed dog presents a lower risk of getting skin disease or tick-borne diseases. Moreover, combing and hair cutting eliminate excessive fur particularly during the warm season when thick-haired animals suffer from heat. You will certainly need professional help with exotic breeds.

There are even pet grooming services conducted at the customer’s residence. You can pay for such a visit from a skilled groomer if you lack the time to take it to the beauty salon yourself. Whichever be the case, make sure you don’t neglect pet grooming!

Dog Training – Ways To Coach A Collie The Correct Way

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Probably the most famed collie in history is Lassie.  I don’t believe seriously that there is anyone who has not heard of Lassie.  

In the Lassie return home flick and in the TV series, Lassie was so smart that she appeared to be thinking and reasoning human in a dog suit.  

Everyone who has ever seen the film or a series episode possibly wishes that they may have a dog just like Lassie.  Lassie must have saved Tommy’s life 100 times!  

Like every other collie ever born, however, Lassie was born into this world without any skills at all.  She wasn’t housebroken, and she had no clue what obedience was.  She definitely did not know any tricks, which Tommy was, or the easy way to save him on camera.  She was trained!  Everything that you see Lassie do on the screen, she does as she is being TOLD what to do.  She is doing it because she has been trained.  

Collies really are a smart type of dogs.  Because they’re so smart, collies are easily trained.  The training that you choose to give your collie puppy dog will be the determining factor of how well behaved and how many commands that your collie understands.  You can have a superb and loving pet that is well trained without spending 24 hours a day for two years on training.  You can even have a dog like Lassie – IF you have the time, patience, and strategies to train your collie.  

Most collie owners are completely thrilled to have a dog that just knows basic obedience, but other collie owners are attracted towards the show ring, agility, rally, obedience, therapy work in hospices, and more!  What your collie can do is only constrained by the time, patience, and training that you provide!  

The AKC version of a collie is not the same as the collie that you know as Lassie.  The dogs that play Lassie are bred to be bigger than the AKC standard.  The AKC Collie breed is littler and lighter by 10 to 15 pounds, and the standard for markings is different as well.

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robbie on February 8th 2011 in Dog Ownership, Dog behavior, training Tips