Warning: Onions are Dangerous to Dogs

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Many dog owners have been informed about the bad effects of chocolates on the pet. However, a lot of dog owners are not aware of the dangerous effects of onions to the pet. Onions are unsafe for dogs as consumption can result to the development of serious health concerns.

Onion is a pungent bulb used as a cooking ingredient as it improves the taste of foods. Onions are one of the people-safe foods that have toxic effects on dogs. Dogs are much loved pets thus owners have develop the habit of feeding the pet human foods. Life threatening concerns can develop in a dog that ingests raw, cooked, powdered or dehydrated onion.

The toxic effects of onions will be dependent on the amount ingested by the pet. A dog would immediately show signs of poisoning if it has ingested significant amounts of onions. Signs of onion poisoning may not be manifested by dogs that have eaten small amounts of onions. Small amounts of onions when regularly ingested would cause a buildup of toxicity. The dog will develop a serious condition known as hemolytic anemia.

Onions are toxic to dogs because these animals do not have the enzyme needed to metabolize thiosuphate, a substance contained by onions. Thiosulphate has the dangerous effect of causing the premature destruction of the red blood cells. Red blood cells have the significant function of supplying oxygen to the tissues and to the different organs of the body. Thiosulphate has the dangerous effect of oxidizing the red blood cells. Once red blood cells are oxidized, bubble-like clumps known as Heinz bodies will project from the red blood cells. These bubble-like clumps will weaken and cause the premature destruction of the red blood cells. Premature destruction would considerably lessen the numbers of red blood cells giving rise to various health concerns one of which is heart failure.

Dogs that have ingested small amounts of onions will not manifest toxicity symptoms at once. A one-time onion eating episode may not have dangerous effects as the bone marrow can still cope with the regeneration of the red blood cells. Dogs that eats onion regularly would suffer from the toxicity effects of this human food as the toxic substance would accumulate and cause the mass destruction of red blood cells. Hemolytic anemia will develop when the dog’s bone marrow can no longer correct the mass destruction of red blood cells.

Dogs would eat just about anything thus there will be no need to entice the dog to eat its food by adding onions. Onions are dangerous to dogs thus please keep this human food away from your pet.

So onions are dangerous to dogs. But do you know everything. At Sarah’s Dogs there is further discussion on the topic of onions and dogs.

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Common Foods Toxic to Dogs

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Most dogs owners would not give the pet chocolates knowing the toxic effect of this human food to dogs. A lot of dogs have died because of this comfort food. Chocolate has a toxic substance known as Theobromine that stimulates the dog’s nervous system so that the pet will have a rapid heart rate and very fast pulse. Drooling, vomiting and diarrhea are the less serious effects of chocolate to dogs. However, in some dogs, chocolate ingestion will result to tremors and seizures that can lead to the death of the dog.

Not only chocolates would have ill effects on the dog as some human foods are toxic to dogs as well. Foods that are perfectly safe for humans can have toxic effects on the dog. Dog owners have to know which of the foods commonly found in an average home can poison the dog.

Dog would get lots of benefits from eating fruits. Grapes and avocados though must not be given because of its toxic effects. More and more dog owners are taking the time to provide the pet home cooked meals fearing that commercial pet foods may be contaminated. Dogs would eat just about anything thus there will be no need to enhance the flavor of the meal by adding garlic and onions. These food enhancers have potentially dangerous effects to the health of the pet. Eating onions and garlic has the ill effect of bursting the red blood cells of the dog. Dogs that are regularly fed onions and garlic can develop anemia.

Dogs must be prevented from eating tomatoes and potatoes because these are poisonous to dogs too. These seemingly innocuous foods contain oxalates that cause abnormalities in the functioning of the nervous system, the kidneys as well as the digestive system. Green tomatoes are most toxic but the dog must be prevented from eating the leaves or the tomato plant as doing so would cause the dog to have tremors, to seize and to suffer from heart arrhythmia.

Foods known to be poisonous to dogs vary in the degree of toxicity. A dog owner may boast about a pet that has ingested one of these poisonous people food and show no signs of poisoning. This situation should not make other dog owners complacent as it does not really indicate that the food is safe for dogs. Poisoning will depend on the quantity of the food ingested, the body weight of the dog and the amount of toxicity the food. Furthermore, the toxic effects may not be readily apparent especially if the dog’s organs are slowly being damaged. Dog owners have to be careful in allowing the pet to eat people food.

Many common human foods are toxic to dogs. A more comprehensive list of foods toxic to dogs can be found at Sarah’s Dogs. Also you can read abotu dog grooming.

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robbie on September 22nd 2011 in Dog Ownership, Dog behavior, training Tips

Telltale Signs of Food Poisoning in Dogs

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Food poisoning is one of the most common causes of dog deaths. Man’s best friends have the inclination to wander. Dogs are as well noted for their scenting abilities. Apart from being food motivated, dogs are known to be indiscriminate eaters. Dogs, even well fed ones would never pass up the chance to rummage trash cans and feast on rotting and spoiled food. Hence, food poisoning is one of the common health concerns of dogs.

The dog’s inclination to eat anything is not the only reason why the pet would suffer from food poisoning. A pampered dog that is kept indoors by loving owners can get poisoned by commercially prepared food. The dog’s food poisoning can be caused by commercial dog food. Unaware that the commercial food is contaminated, the dog will receive scoop after scoop of the food thereby building up the toxins in the dog’s body.

Food poisoning, just like any other health issues can be prevented from causing the dog serious harm if detected early. To safeguard the health of the pet, a dog owner has to have an idea how a dog suffering from food poisoning would react. Dogs have the ability to doctor themselves thus a poisoned dog would know what must be done. Dogs that have swallowed substances not accepted by the stomach would induce vomiting by eating grass. Induced vomiting may not effectively resolve the poisoning.

Dogs that are allowed to wander have all the opportunities to eat rotten food. Food poisoning can occur if a new diet is introduced. A dog suffering from food poisoning would vomit. Diarrhea is another. To flush the toxic substance from its system the dog would vomit and have diarrhea. Excessive drooling and sluggishness are other signs of food poisoning. Inappetance is also another sign of food poisoning. Poisonous substances that remained in the dog’s body for several days would dangerously affect its systems and the condition can be manifested by yellowish tint in the eyes and orange colored urine. Vomiting blood, blackened stool, seizures and loss of motor skills are advanced signs of food poisoning. As mentioned, poisoned dogs would refuse to eat. Unaware that the commercial food is causing the poisoning, the owner may mask the food with gravy or with meat to entice the dog to eat.

Fasting the dog for 24 hours is the most common measure done on dogs that are vomiting and having diarrhea due to the ingestion of contaminated food. Give the dog bland foods like boiled rice and chicken after the fasting period. The pet must be taken to a veterinary facility if the symptoms persist.

More signs of dog food poisoning at Sarah’s Dogs. Besides this you can also read about dog grooming.

Why can’t dogs eat grapes?

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Grapes are favorite fruits of humans but these innocuous looking fruits can kill a dog. The reasons why these luscious red, green and black sweet juicy fruits must not be given to dogs are unknown. The toxicity of grapes to dogs was verified although studies have failed to establish the cause of toxicity. Although the toxin in grapes is unknown, a twelve month study period has verified that grapes have indeed caused renal failure. Grape toxicity would cause the dog severe pain and similar to other cases of poisoning, it can result to the death of the dog.

Humans love grapes fresh fruits or as raisins as apart from being delicious grapes are rich sources of vitamins. Grapes are good source of antioxidants. Oxidant or free radicals are the good cells that turned into rebellious cells because of the unhealthy lifestyle of people . Alcohol, pollution, unhealthy foods, too much sun are the allies of oxidants. As good cells get contaminated by the bad cells or by the free radicals, people then suffer from health concerns like arthritis, heart diseases, cancer and many other more health concerns.

The antioxidants found in grapes will bind with the oxidants to prevent these free radicals from causing further harm. Now many people are aware of this fact but nevertheless, grapes are consumed in large quantities. Because of the low calorie content, people conscious about their figures would chose to snack on grapes as the fruit will not add inches to the waistline.

Not so long ago, grapes are not considered as harmful to dogs. Grapes were once given to dogs as treats and some pet owners would argue that nothing happened to their pets. The toxic effects of grapes has puzzled dog owners and scientists as not all dogs are affected by this fruit. Some dogs would consume significant amount without being affected while other dogs that has consumed a few pieces of the fruit would manifest signs of poisoning. The toxic effect of grapes, unlike that of chocolates is not dose dependent.

A dog that was affected by the toxic contents of grapes would start to show a change in behavior. The dog will be hyperactive and then it will be depressed and become lethargic. Vomiting and diarrhea are other signs. The dog must be rushed to a veterinary facility for aggressive treatment. Because the kidneys can no longer perform its function of filtering toxins, the dog will suffer from renal failure that can result to the death of the dog

Sarah’s Dogs has more answers to why dogs cannot eat grapes as well as information about first aid for dogs.

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Why onions should not be given dogs

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For thousands of years different cultures around the world have used onions to enhance the taste of food. Onions are not only used as a cooking ingredient but for its medicinal values as well. Aside from being a cooking ingredient, onion was proven to have medicinal properties that cures cough, colds and bacterial infections. Onions is as well used by people with diabetes, osteoporosis and heart conditions. Regular consumption of onions was proven to lower cholesterol levels and high blood pressure. Humans would not mind the bad breath that results from eating onions because of its many health benefits but dogs would have to fear for their lives if they eat onions.

Dogs are very affectionate and loyal companions thus an owner would share human foods with the pet. Unknowing of the dangers of some human food to the dog, an owner would commonly share what is being eaten with the pet. In spite of the similarities in genetics, some human foods cannot be tolerated by a dog’s system. Onions is one of the human foods that should not be given to dogs as it can cause hemolytic anemia.

Dogs should never be allowed to eat foods with onions in any form as it would have dangerous effects on the dog. The toxic effect of onion to dogs is dose dependent. This is even more dangerous given that the first few bites of onion will not show any ill effects thus the dog will be given another serving – .and another until the toxicity is accumulated in the dog’s system.

Theosulphate, a substance that is found in onions cannot be digested in the dog’s stomach as our four legged friends do not have the enzyme necessary to metabolize this substance. Undigested, the theosulphate will oxidize the hemoglobin and cause the premature destruction of the red blood cells. Hemoglobin is the protein molecule in the red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen to all parts of the body. The formation of bubble-like clumps in the red blood cells as a result of hemoglobin oxidation will weaken the ability of this protein molecule to carry oxygen to all parts of the body.

These clumps called Heinz bodies will eventually rupture so that less oxygen will be delivered to the vital parts of the body. Premature destruction of red blood cells results to a condition called hemolytic anemia where the weakened dog vomits and have diarrhea. Dogs with hemolytic anemia are noted to have increased heart rate, bloodied urine and breathing difficulties. An owner resisting the urge to give in to the dog is simply being kind. To be kind an owner has to ignore the sad expression of the pet. Resist the urge to give the dog onions!

Read all about why dogs can’t eat onions and first aid for dogs at Sarah’s Dogs.

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It is widely known that 25% of all cats and dogs are overweight or obese. Like humans, that leads to a plethora of wellness complications such as diabetes, coronary heart sickness, kidney sickness, liver complications, pores and skin disorders, cancer and many more. Not only is your canines’ wellbeing compromised but its life span should be seriously shortened as well. One possible answer is recipes for dog.

Yet yet another wellbeing risk is these illnesses often call for surgery, and your dogs ability to endure the anesthetic is in question once it’s overweight. The larger the degree of obesity, the less likelihood it has of survival.

A lot of pet owners pick pet food which is “light-weight” or “low calorie” in the wish that it would conquer the problem, but go on to feed their dog far too much which leads to a situation of overweight or obese dog.

So what quantity should you feed your dog? It depends on a range of issues which includes the climate, whether it resides indoors or out doors at night, the total amount of activity, the type and dimension of the dog and its age. Now that’s been stated all that it comes straight down to judging whether or not your animal is gaining weight or not.

If it is, common sense and feeling tells us to reduce the total volume of dog food provided and/or increase the amount of exercise so your pet is keeping a great healthful weight. Also, supply little amounts of food often through every day or two times a day instead of one big meal once daily. Please remeber to use recipes for dog

By Jerry Jones.

Dog Food Recipes -Are You Feeding Your Dog to Death?

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Are you killing your dog? Are you putting your best friend at risk of suffering an early and painful death? Most dog experts agree that particular badly manufactured dog food products raise the risk of your dog dying prematurely . But by the time symptoms are noticeable , it is far too late .

An internationally recognized authority on the  dog food industry says this about pet foods, “Most commercial pet foods are garbage.”

Needless to say canines are very different to humans. Canines have quite simple stomachs and short digestive tracts for digesting food .  Yet sometimes the cooking process followed by commercial dog food companies can kill off the enzymes that are required by dogs to aid the digestion process.

This controversy surrounding dog food and dog nutrition is just starting to be exposed. And it is not just the cooking processes that you should be concerned about but what actually goes into the dog foods. Some companies were caught using waste products and even road kill as dog food ingredients.

Have you seen dogs in the wild? Have you ever seen dogs in a natural habitat just as they were before man came along and changed everything ? Last time we saw dogs in their natural habitat they were not using fires to overcook and dry out their meal… and they certainly did not spice it up with a toxic cocktail of unhealthy additives and preservatives.

How does this affect you and your pet dog? If you love your dog then you must act responsibly in the way that you feed your dog. This is what good dog care is all about.

You owe it to your dog – and to yourself – to give them a healthy and well-prepared diet. There is heaps of healthy and natural dog foods . In fact there are even some inexpensive home-made dog foods that you can prepare at home with our healthy dog food recipe collection .

So please don’t let your dog die young . Start looking into healthy dog food today.

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