American Foxhound

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An American Foxhound’s appearance is very similar to that of a Beagle. The dog measures from 21 to 25 inches at the withers and weighs from 65 to 75 pounds. This breed’s sleek athletic body is well covered with a short coat that ranges from black, tan and white, tan and white or red and white color combinations. The admirable speed of this excellent hunter is attributed to the well boned strong legs.

Although this hunting breed has adapted the name America, these dogs have existed long before the land has gained independence from Great Britain. This breed originated from the English dogs that were brought to the New World in 1650 by Robert Brooke.

In Great Britain, these dogs were highly acclaimed for their excellent hunting abilities. The dogs were used by the British landed gentry to hunt foxes. In a fox hunt, hunters on horseback follow packs of American Foxhounds. A change in the deep melodious voice of the dog signifies that a prey is found. The dogs are used by the settlers of the Crown colony to hunt foxes as well. Because of the ferocious nature, the dogs are believed to have been used by the English military commanders to track Indians.

The English Foxhounds were crossed and re-crossed with the dogs of settlers from Ireland and France until a new breed that has adapted to the conditions of the new country has evolved. The American Foxhound, a versatile breed of dog was born.

The American Foxhound was actually developed to be a hunting dog. These dogs would be happiest if they are hunting. An ultra sensitive scenting ability, a remarkable staying power and a passionate desire to overpower a prey make this breed a notable hunter. Once this dog has found an interesting scent nothing can stop the dog from trailing the prey. As the breed name suggests, foxes are the usual prey of these dogs although these hunting dogs will not pass up the chance to run after any animal.No wonder, the breed is highly valued as a hunting dog.

American Foxhounds are first and foremost highly valued for their remarkable hunting abilities. Although the dogs exhibit a courageous and tenacious temperament when hunting, American Foxhounds have a sweet and gentle personality. These energetic dogs turn into placid pets with gentle disposition at home. An American Foxhound gives its loyalty and friendship not only to one person. These hunting dogs form a strong bond with the family but these dogs are noted to bond closely with the children.

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robbie on June 11th 2011 in Dog Ownership, Dog behavior, training Tips

Jamthund – Swedens bear dog

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The Swedish Elkhound is a very old breed believed to have been around during the 1000s. Ancestors of this breed are speculated to be the dogs kept by the Stone Age people. Swedish Elkhounds have originated from Jamtland, a northwestern province of Sweden. This breed of magnificent conformation has been kept by people in Jamtland at the end of the last ice age. Thus, the dog also gained the name Jamthund.

A Swedish Elkhound is a spitz type dog noted to have a wolf-like appearance. The rectangular shaped body is covered with smooth and close lying light to dark coat. Grey and cream markings on various parts of the body makes the thick double coat more beautiful. A tightly curled scimitar shaped tail is another feature that gives this breed an impressive appearance

As the name suggests, the breed was primarily used to hunt elk. The Swedish Elkhound is acknowledged as an energetic hunter that possesses remarkable strength and courage. This breed was specifically developed to be a working dog. The breeding was aimed at creating a taller and bigger dog with a strong constitution . The dog has to adapt well to the rigors of hunting in heavily forested areas and to be able to scale rocky ledges and traverse deep snow in pursuit of prey. Indeed, the Swedish Elkhound, the breed that was developed is a remarkable hunter of elk, moose, lynx, bear and other game. The name Jamthund in fact is a local dialect that means bear dog.

This is a versatile breed. Although specifically developed to be a hunter, the dog has remarkable abilities to perform other jobs as well. The Jamthund is acclaimed for being an outstanding utility dog, sled dog, guard dog and herding dog . This brave and intelligent dog has become an army dog as well and was honored by being chosen as the national dog of the Swedish Marine. The Swedish Air Force has chosen this breed to be their official service canine as well.

Bold and aggressive when hunting, a Swedish Elkhound is known for its stoic demeanor. The dog possesses the stable and calm temperament, the affection and the friendly nature of an outstanding companion dog. A Swedish Elkhound is a breed that makes an ideal family pet as it has lots of love to give the family and noted to be gentle and kind with the children.

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robbie on February 22nd 2011 in Dog Ownership, Dog behavior, training Tips