Placing a Stop to Your Bird dog Lunging

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Puppies are usually adorable, that much is for certain. When a little one sets its paws upon you begging to be picked up, almost nothing could be more adorable. This specific behaviour, if encouraged, may lead to a lot of problems when the gun dog puppy is not so teeny anymore. Therefore nipping this particular habit in the bud is essential for a gun dog puppy’s protection and well-being down the line.

When bird dog puppy jumps up, giving attention is encouraging the behaviour. Petting, pushing, or otherwise acknowledging him or her at this point is encouraging him to continue jumping up. Similarly, holding items out of his reach and permitting him or her to leap for them is promoting bad behaviour. There are lots of sites to find information on training your dog.

Whenever you get back from a short or long absence, pay no attention to your gun dog puppy for the initial few minutes (at the least). It can be difficult to do, because you’re most likely as excited and happy to see him or her as he is to see you, but this kind of nonchalance is very important for a few purposes. One is to negate the initial excitement and the other is to establish immediate control. Both of these types of actions on your part may help the gun dog puppy have an understanding of his place. It appears mean, but it is how the canine brain operates and it’s really vital that you establish this understanding for both your own personal peace of mind and for puppy’s self confidence.

When gun dog puppy does jump on you, pushing him away with your hands is motivating him or her to play. Instead, provide a “bump” with your leg and use a word like “Off!” or “Down!” to tell him or her not to do that. A “bump” is a action you possibly can make with your leg to push the hunting dog puppy off of you without kicking or even kneeing him or her harshly. Just flex your leg outwards and draw your leg to one side (in or out, as long as it is away from hunting dog puppy). Once puppy’s feet are all on the ground, give praise for the position. After a half dozen or so repeats of this over two to three days’ time, gun dog puppy will get the idea and most likely will no longer or only rarely jump up. By the time hunting dog puppy is an grown-up, the behavior will be gone.

Having company? This is an important and enjoyable time for puppy. Firm control is key to maintaining the puppy under control as well as training him how to behave around guests. Just before family and friends arrive, put a lead on the gun dog puppy and use it. Prior to opening the door to greet the guests, tell gun dog puppy to sit and then stand on the lead, leaving just enough for hunting dog puppy to sit down erect, but not enough for him or her to change position. Now answer the door and immediately request your invitees to ignore the bird dog puppy until later. He will probably reach and pull along with whine and try to smell legs and grab people with his / her paws, but if you’re keeping him on a limited leash (literally), he can’t do this. Each time he or she sits still, reward him (calmly) for the great behavior.

When sitting, the same approach works, keeping the leash underfoot. As soon as the bird dog puppy has quited down some, allow him to interact with your friends and relatives. They may offer him or her doggie snacks, pets, etc., nonetheless any bad behavior on his or her part should be quickly stopped by you and any good behavior likewise recognized and rewarded.

Lastly, at play time, having your puppy controlled is truly essential. Play time is fun time, but also learning time, so make sure you are not reneging on excellent teaching by encouraging inappropriate behavior. Never play tugging games with the puppy, because these teach not only tugging and tearing (the toy will not always be the object, you know), but also territory and possession. If hunting dog puppy thinks things are his or her, he or she will become defensive about them and possibly snap at anyone that tries to move or take them.

Alternatively, teach fetching, dropping items, and releasing his or her hold when she has some thing in his / her mouth. Inevitably, your gun dog puppy will get into some thing he shouldn’t and having excellent training that teaches him to drop what ever he’s chewing is really important for his or her wellbeing.

Most importantly, motivate, praise, and reward all good behavior. By highlighting positive habits and having fast, short-lived punishments for bad behavior, you are encouraging gun dog puppy to act well-behaved and providing him or her self-confidence. Happy dogs are dogs which have been provided well-defined rules to live by and a very clear knowledge of their place in the pack. You’ll realize that gun dog puppies are incredibly strong and intelligent and that rewarding good habits will motivate repeat of this actions.

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