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Nordic Spitz (Norrbottenspets)

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Norrbottenspets was the name given to the spitz type breed that was developed in the early 1600s. This breed is also known as Nordic Spitz and Pohjanpystykorva in its country of origin. This ancient breed was honored by being named as the national dog of Sweden. Highly valued for its great endurance, this breed was claimed by Sweden and Finland as their own. A Norrbottenspets is really a small dog but it has a compact, well muscled body.

The square shaped body is covered with a close fitting fine, soft and very thick fur. Beautiful white fur with red and brown markings protects the dog from extremely hot and cold temperatures. The bushy tail that is loosely curled over the dog’s back is an appendage that enhances the dog’s striking appearance.

This dog breed’s original purpose of breeding is to create an all around farm dog, a Norrbottenspets has also evolved into an excellent hunter. A Norrbottenspets is not really a large breed but the remarkable courage and cunning personality makes the dog an excellent hunter. Apart from the high level of intelligence, the dog is also eager to please its people thus training geared to improve the inborn hunting abilities will never be an owner’s problem .

A Norrbottenspets is both a sight and scent hunter unlike other breeds of hounds that are either scent or sight hunters. The dog does not have a foxy appearance but it is described so because it exhibits its cunning nature when hunting. As soon as the dog is released in the hunting area, it will use it senses to flush and chase the game. Rapid barking is not only a sign that a game is found but also masks the sound made by the approaching hunter.

The dog may be small but it is acclaimed for its big personality. The affectionate nature makes this breed a wise choice for older couples in need of companionship and security. The dog’s vivaciousness, as well as the energetic and playful personality are qualities that enable the dog to form a strong bond with the human family. With these qualities, the dog can participate in all the activities of the family.

The breed was ranked as one of the top 10 dog breeds noted for their gentleness with children. Loving and kind, a Norrbottenspets will exhibit a stable temperament in any situation. Gentle and very patient, the dog will not be aggressive if teased or harassed by the children . Being a fairly healthy breed, the dog will provide the family about 20 years of companionship.

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robbie on September 6th 2010 in Dog Ownership, Utility Dogs

American Bulldog Training – Do not Make Your Dog Be A Menace

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American bulldogs are a huge and possibly deadly breed of dog and are good guard dogs because nobody in their right mind would go up against one simply to get a couple of things out of your home.  They can also make great pets, but you need to be pro-active in their training.  Due to their most likely assertive behavior, you have to be consistent in their training from the first day you get your new pet.

American Bulldog training offers challenges that isn’t be faced when training other dog breeds.  This does not imply an American Bulldog is a bad choice for a pet; you simply need to be aware of their unique behavior patterns.

The largest thing that offers challenges with an American Bulldog is their size.  They’re large animals and need space to run.  With their huge size, they can do loads more damage than a Chihuahua.

These dogs can be particularly playful.  This suggests they like to run around and jump on things.  Even if they’re just playing, they can do plenty of damage due to their size.  They are doubtless not the very best choice if you have little youngsters.

They can be very protecting so American Bulldog training wishes to involve exposing them to a lot of people.  They need to see people as ordinary and friendly so they don’t attack everybody they see attempting to protect you, their beloved owner.

American Bulldogs have also been known to be awfully aggressive with other dogs of the same sex.  They can also be extraordinarily assertive with pussies and other small animals.

The very last thing to be aware of with American Bulldogs is that a few of the people can view them very adversely whether or not they never do anything wrong.  This makes American Bulldog training extremely important not just something that is sweet to do.  Getting help from a top notch training system like the secrets to Dog Training is absolutely essential to successful training.

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robbie on June 28th 2010 in Dog Ownership, Utility Dogs